The Rise of Romania In the European Union

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C.S. Lewis eloquently stated, “hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny”.  The quaint country of Romania suffered under political and social oppression for many years. Impoverished and feeling left behind by the world, there were small glimmers of hope that lived on. Adapting to the life of circumstance provided to them by a corrupt and communism system never broke the true spirit of Romanians. As the decades went by, a revolution of freedom and enlightenment started a new era for Romania. In terms of Europe, Romania is lower on the totem pole in regards of wealth and status on the societal ladder. Despite the hardships and adversity they faced, the Romanian People entered into the European Union  almost two decades after the revolution. The EU helped them to gain their ground to meet the perquisites and guidelines of the Union.

The Modern Romania

Reaching a modern state, Romania has benefited from the umbrella of the European Union. Known for their Stem program, students have been able to expand their experiences. Businesses are growing alongside startup ventures who are able to take their concepts abroad. Opportunity in Romania brought the needed platform to exceed expectation. In fact, it has become the home base for entrepreneurs who excel in modern technologies. There is an inadvertent focus on mathematics and science across the area that allows for a cultivating environment for new tech savvy enterprises.

Small Romania Equals Big Opportunity

Most would never guess Romania now sits in the top tier of Europe’s fastest growing economies. In lieu of living in the spotlight, Romanians chose to quietly build up their country. The stigma of Romania across Europe still remained creating an obstacle for the country to gain immediate traction. When the EU lent a helping hand, it accelerated their growth and market. What makes Romania a prime location for new businesses is the ingenuity of the people with a fair yet low wage expectation. Nearly one-third of the technological teams are women giving a new perspective to incoming prospects.

Romania Reaches New Heights

The many accomplishments of Romania have bolstered both their reach and their rankings in the world. T Advancements within the country opened doors and welcomed the possibilities. Putting their technological interests in the forefront has given Romania a title of having the fastest internet in Europe and the sixth fastest speeds on a global scale. With the EU by their side, Romania has proudly acknowledged their progress. Working on a global outreach has been a slower moving transition. They are developing their innovative lines and taking their time. Their presence in the EU has continuously risen politically, socially and economically.

Romania Reaches New Heights

Romania Reaches New Heights

Years of war have taught the people of Romania to work within their means, have patience and understand their endeavors are not an overnight venture. In comparison to Western cultures, this may not sound conducive to a solid business plan. Preferring to borrow against to invest and gain return are a prominent cyclic behavior. Romania opts for a slow and steady approach while minimizing overall costs. Their method has proven to be tried and true as they excel to new heights in the EU.