The Impending Impact of Migration In the European Union

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Looking back into history, you will note periods of migration have occurred for centuries. There are several reasons individuals and families find themselves relocating across borders.  Migrating is typically by choice or while under duress. Moving to another country is different now than it was hundreds of years ago. Modern political and social climates have presented the need to tighten borders and ensure proper entry into the country. The European Union is known for allowing a free flow of travel for members to EU Countries. This system is not designed for residents of outside regions to migrate at will. There has been an upsurge of activity seen by refugees fleeing their homes and seeking asylum in EU territories. The issue presented is not derived by intolerance as it is the illegal entries at random points and trafficking is the main concern.

European Union agencies have placed processes to aid those in need while maintaining safety measures for everyone involved. When these procedures are not met, there is a risk that causes an imbalance to the system. The EU is sympathetic to asylees escaping oppression, poverty and war. They have a high standard set to assist those who are in need.

European Union’s Asylum Agreement

The EU is dedicated to taking the steps necessary to provide each Asylee a safe place. With over 1 million refugees coming through in recent years, relocating and resettling everyone has been a challenge. Filtering the people who qualify for Asylum from those who do not mandates additional time to secure passage forward or back to their homelands. Food, water and supplies are provided by the EU in honor of their humanitarian agenda. Bringing together the diversity of each EU country extends to offering aid and protection to individuals not in the EU.

Nearby regions such as Syria and other Countries have suffered under political and economic distress. Understanding these conditions has inspired the EU to protect Asylees. Special attention is paid to the children who cross EU borders who often times are unaccompanied. Unfortunately, there are still individuals who pay crime rings to transport them into Europe. They may not have the qualifications to be accepted under the asylum protection regulations and are only seeking a better wage or lifestyle. The growing numbers flooding into Europe has caused many countries such as Greece and Italy to revert back to full border protection even for EU members.

A Taxing Time for the EU

Even with all of the EU collaborating, it is an immense expensive to house, clothe and feed hundreds of people on any given day. Transportation and allowances add to the overall cost which is hard to keep up with. This will result in stricter policies and stronger controls at entry points. Not all EU countries are thriving economically leaving a strain on their current position. The EU is applauded for their massive efforts and contributions to handle the Migrant crisis they are experiencing.

A Taxing Time for the EU

A Taxing Time for the EU