The Best Things to Eat in the European Union – Part 3

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In part two of the best things to eat in the EU we concentrated on the fine cuisine of France and highlighted Steak Tartare as a triumph of cuisine. In this blog we travel to Greece and Germany among others to uncover some fantastic food from the states that make up the European Union.

Germany – Kasespatzle

Many of the Germanic states within the EU have strong influences from Italy in their cuisines, Germany is no different and the German love of pasta forms the base of many of the country’s favorite dishes. Kasespatzle is a sort of version of macaroni and cheese, soft egg noodles combined with mouthwatering cheeses are all mixed to form a succulent pan-fried dish, then topped with a sprinkling of toasted onions for a tangy crunch. From a nation of meat eaters, it is surprising that this is so much a beloved dish.

Greece – Moussaka

Greek food has influenced so many cuisines in Europe and is loved around the world, it embraces simple ingredients and makes delicious dishes out of them. The Greek cuisine is one of the most healthy in the world but they do also love the occasional heart stopping dishes such as Moussaka. A well-made Moussaka is a delight and doesn’t have to be a stodgy casserole laden with calories. Combining fresh eggplants, seasonal vegetables, meat and a delicious light bechamel sauce with a dusting of nutmeg it is heavenly. Just served with some crusty bread this meal is perfect served with a chilled glass of rose wine.

Hungary – Kurtoskalacs

The cuisine of the Magyars is traditionally based on meats, vegetables, breads and dairy products. Slow cooked one pot dishes are popular, such as stews and casseroles, and the main spice is paprika which helps to identify Hungarian cuisine. Kurtoskalacs are sometimes called chimney cakes, the dough is wrapped around wooden poles and smeared all over in butter. Then sometimes roasted over an open fire the Kurtoskalacs are cooked until they are golden brown. When they are ready they are usually rolled in sugar and sprinkled with various ground nuts.

Italy – Ribollita

Another giant cuisine that has influenced cooking across the world, with techniques and combinations of produce that predates Roman times. Italy has some many regional variations to its cuisine, as once Italy was several independent states and regional cooking was common. A great deal of Italian food is simple, like a rustic pasta dish or a single featured seasonal vegetable simply grilled. Ribollita is a hearty stew that hails from Tuscany that utilizes peasant ingredients namely, broad beans, bread and assorted vegetables. Lightly seasoned the dish celebrates fresh vegetables in a thin gravy that is guaranteed to fill your stomach.  In the past the Ribollita was made by servants from leftovers from their masters table.

This hearty peasant dish from Italy finishes part three of our best dishes from the EU, in part four that concludes our culinary exploration we travel to the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.