The Best Things to Eat in the European Union – Part 2

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Part one of the best things to eat in the EU looked at Halloumi cheese in Cyprus, beef stew in Belgium and a fried filo delight in Bulgaria. In this blog we look at great dishes from the Czech Republic, Denmark and Estonia among others.

Czech Republic – Vepro-Knedlo-Zelo

Outside Prague, the Czech Republic is mostly a rural society and their cuisine reflects it. One such rustic and simple dish is Vepro-knedlo-zelo which basically is a trio of Czech favorites. Roast Pork served with stewed cabbage and bread dumplings, to form a simple yet hearty dish.

Denmark – Snobrod

A Danish dish that will bring back childhood memories of campfires and fun with the family. Translated Snobrod means twisted bread and that is exactly what it is. Cooked over an open flame the bread forms a golden crust and will be crunchy on the outside. Once the Snobrod is made and still warm, you can fill it with just about anything from, sausages to jams and everything in between.

Estonia – Kiluvoileib

With its location on the Baltic sea it is hardly surprising that a favorite dish of Estonia contains fish. Basically Kiluvoileib is a sandwich that contains sprats and hard boiled eggs that is placed between two pieces of rye bread. Not the most appetizing dish to look at, but just the same very filling and tasty.

Finland – Poronkaristys

If you have never tasted reindeer before and you are a meat lover you are in for a treat. Finland has many wild herds of reindeer roaming around the wild countryside and the meat is enjoyed by all. Pronkaristys is a Finnish favorite and basically is thin cuts of meat that are first fried to brown then placed in butter or beer and slowly stewed for hours. Traditionally served with creamy mashed potatoes it is a terrific meat and potatoes dish with a Lappish twist.

France – Steak Tartare

It is impossible to choose one dish from a cuisine that is so varied and superb as that of France, as you move around the country the different regions have their own specialties based upon the produce that is available. So, this means fabulous fish dishes on the coast, to hearty one pot dishes in the rural regions, to fancy plates in the cities. One dish however defines the thinking behind French cuisine is Steak Tartare, only the French could have designed a raw meat dish topped with an egg!

Nobody is really able to create a true Steak Tartare than the French, if you get it wrong then it could be a catastrophe, but if you get the dish perfect then it is a delicacy. Raw minced meat, with the correct amount of quality oil, seasoning, herbs, onions and a perfectly fresh egg can produce something exceptional. We leave part two of our culinary tour of the European Union sipping a nice glass of Shiraz after devouring a dish of Steak Tartare in Paris. In part three of the best dishes to eat in the EU we travel to Germany, Greece and Hungary.