How to pack bras for travel? 4 ways for packing bras for traveling

Most women hate packing bras for travel because it’s hard to know how to do it well. You don’t want them to get wrinkled or stretched out. In fact, it’s hard enough to pack clothes for a trip, but when you have to worry about your bras too, it can feel impossible.

How to pack bras for travel? 4 ways for packing bras for traveling

How to pack bras for travel? 4 ways for packing bras for traveling

Shahid has given 4 ways for packing bras for traveling. Just follow our easy guide on how to pack bras for travel and you’ll be good to go.

How to pack bras for travel?

How to pack bras for travel?

How to pack bras for travel?

Because bras are fragile and have unique shapes, it can be hard to pack them correctly in luggage. So, how to pack bras in the luggage? If you don’t pack well, you could end up with stained, crushed, or torn bras when you get to your destination, which is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

When packing for travel, bras can take up valuable space.  Before putting your bras wherever they seem to fit in your luggage, think about putting them inside something that will help keep them safe. Follow these tips to make sure that you know how to pack bras in a suitcase and that your bras are safely packed and arrive without wrinkles:

Carry a packing cube

For your trip, invest in some packing cubes to help you keep your belongings neat and safe. It’s probably a good idea to keep your bras, underwear, and socks in their own cube due to their fragility. With this tip, you can easily know how to pack undergarments for travel.

You can rest assured that your bras will arrive at your destination in pristine condition if you use a packing cube. Underwire bras can be safely packed away by stacking them  along the corner of your packing cube, which should be shaped similarly to your bra cups.

Use a Bra box

What better way to protect your bra than by packing it in a travel bra bag specifically designed for bras? Since bras come in a variety of shapes and styles, they do not fit naturally in the majority of travel bags and suitcases. Travel bra cases are designed to hold and preserve the shape of bras.

Even though they may take up a bit more space than you would like in your luggage, you can rest assured that your bras will remain safe when stored in a bra case. If you intend to bring more expensive bras, this is a worthy investment to consider. Moreover, this is a safe tip, you should use to know how to pack padded bras for travel. Let’s remember it!

Utilize a Bra Washing Bag

If you intend to wash your bras while traveling, you may wish to bring a bra wash bag. Bra wash bags are mesh containers that can be used to carry bras to the laundry room and keep them safe in the washing machine. This can be a big help when washing bras.

If you’ve recently used the bag to store your dirty bras, be sure to wash it before packing it with your clean bras for your trip.

Fold and Tuck the Cups

The tuck fold is the first folding method you could try. Simply pinch the bra’s middle, then twist and tuck one cup into the other.

This allows multiple bras to be stacked. Adding underwear and socks to the bottom cup will help it retain its shape.

This method, which involves twisting the bra, divides opinion. If you’re packing expensive bras, consider stacking them instead.

Utilize Plastic Bags

If you don’t want to purchase a packing cube or intend to pack lightly, you can be creative with how you pack your bras. Consider using gallon-sized, sealable plastic bags to store bras if you have them around the house.

You might wonder how a thin plastic bag could possibly protect your bras. As it turns out, a small amount of creativity can go a long way! By adding air to your bag prior to closing it, you can create a bubble-like protective barrier around your bras. Just be careful not to add too much air if you intend to fly, as the altitude’s pressure could cause the bag to burst.

Use the Clam Fold

This method involves laying the bra flat on a surface and folding it in half, with the cups facing each other. Fold the straps into the center of your bra to flatten it even more. This way all of your bras will be packed tightly together, taking up less space in your suitcase.

Stack Your Bra

If you are traveling with an entire lingerie wardrobe, try stacking all of your bra and panty sets together in a neat stack. This will help you save space and also keep like items together in one spot when it comes to unpacking in your destination.

Bras should be packed last

To make sure they arrive wrinkle-free and undamaged, place your bras in the suitcase last before closing it up. This will ensure that they won’t get crushed by any other items that you are packing.

 Constantly Stuff the Cups

To make sure your bras stay in the same shape and don’t become stretched out, stuff them with soft items like underwear or socks. This will also help them keep their shape when unpacking at your destination.

Bring in wireless bras

Many women need support from their bras to stop back pain and aches. But if you can put comfort first, a wire-free bra could be a great purchase.

Wireless bras are, of course, easier to pack. And they are less likely to lose their shape if they are packed in a suitcase tightly. You could even get a set of bras that don’t have wires just for traveling. So, you can leave at home more of your expensive bras.

Pack Fewer Bras

The fewer bras you bring with you when you travel, the better. Even if you take care, travel can be messy, and you may ruin some bras in the process. Once you’ve worn your bras for a few days, just wash them so you can wear them again the next day.

4 ways for packing bras for traveling

4 ways for packing bras for traveling

4 ways for packing bras for traveling

Way 1: Put bras into a lingerie bag.

A lingerie bag is responsible for providing enough protection and keeping the material of your bras safe from any kind of wear while you are on the go. Simply pop the bra or bras inside and zip it up!

Way 2: Wrap each individual bra in tissue paper.

Washing machines can be quite harsh on delicate clothing, so it’s worth taking a few moments to wrap each of your bras securely in tissue paper. This will help reduce the risk of damage and keep them looking as good as new for longer.

Way 3: Place them in their own plastic bag.

Although lingerie bags are ideal for keeping your bras in one place, if you’re storing them for longer periods of time, it’s worth placing each bra in its own plastic bag. This will help protect them from dirt and moisture that can occur when traveling.

Way 4: Place the bras between two layers of clothing.

If you are packing multiple bras into one bag, it’s a good idea to place them between two layers of clothing. This will help prevent them from getting crushed and keep their shape intact as you travel.

Other thoughts and pieces of advice for packing bras

Other thoughts and pieces of advice for packing bras

Other thoughts and pieces of advice for packing bras

Shouldn’t bring too many expensive bras with you on a trip

It makes sense if you need certain bras to give you support. But if some of your bras are more for style than support, you might want to leave them at home.

You could buy a cheap set of bras that are comfortable just for your trip. Or, you could buy a sports bra or a convertible bra that, if it got broken, wouldn’t bother you too much.

Remember that comfort is more important than style.

Exploring the world is a fun and exciting thing to do, but it can also be hard at times. Long flights, bumpy taxi rides, and a lot of walking can all wear you down.

It’s easy to see why so many travelers choose comfort when they fly, which is why you’ll often see people in more casual clothes on planes.

On hot, uncomfortable days, you don’t want to be wearing a bra that is more about style than comfort.

It’s important to think about the weather when planning a trip.

No sane person would venture through the tropical forests of Bali wearing a fancy dress and a bra. Comfort is of the utmost importance in temperatures this high.

Some bras may be difficult to wear in extremely hot climates. Think about getting a bra that wicks away sweat or a convertible bra that can be worn with a variety of different tops.

Heat and humidity necessitate looser clothing, especially on Southeast Asian islands and at beach resorts. Don’t be afraid to travel with fewer and simpler undergarments.

FAQs: How to pack bras for travel? 4 ways for packing bras for traveling

How does one carry a bra?

To make them more manageable in terms of storage and portability, they should be cut in half horizontally. The cups of a bra should be stacked one on top of the other. Then, stuff some wrapped-up socks or underwear into your bra to help the cup expand and the shape stay put.

What is the best way to compactly fold a bra?

The best way to compactly fold a bra when packing it for travel is to start by flipping the cup of one side inside out. Then, take the other side and place it in the center of its partner, making an “X” with both cups.

Secure the straps together to keep them from becoming tangled and then wrap the center of the “X” in a circular motion so that it resembles a flower. Lastly, tuck the straps into the center and you have compactly folded your bra!

How many bras do I need to bring on a two-week trip?

If you’re going on a two-week trip and don’t want to do laundry, you’ll need at least 14 pairs of underwear and seven bras, or 142/7 = 7.

Should bras be folded or hung?

Your bras will retain their original form for much longer if you store them standing up in a top drawer, cups tucked inside one another.


Bras are an important item of clothing for many women, but they can be difficult to pack. By following these four simple ways, you can know how to pack bras for travel. Do you have any other tips for packing bras for travel? Share them with in the comments below!



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