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Hi! I am Shahid ! Welcome to european-borderlands.org, a gourmet travel blog.

We, too, yearn for travel and adventure. And we like cuisine, so much so that it influences our trip plans. If a location boasts amazing cuisine, you can bet it will be on our list of places to visit.

We are so passionate about food that a prominent Penang hawker stall that has been serving the same classic dish for decades is as significant to us as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We are now digital nomads, yet we spent the most of our life in the United States. Ren worked as a travel agent in Beverly Hills for many years, servicing celebrities such as Kelly Rutherford (Serena’s mother in Gossip Girl), Jason Hervey (Wayne, Fred Savage’s obnoxious brother) in Wonder Years, and the attractive 80s figure, Leif Garrett.

For my part, I moved from state to state for education. I attended a boarding school in Rhode Island before graduating from Georgetown University in Washington, DC with a degree in English Literature. I followed my passion to San Francisco, where I earned a second degree in Fine Arts/Illustration from the University Institute of the Arts before working as a web designer for the famed website’s wellness section. Oprah Winfrey’s Voice for Women.

European-borderlands.org has evolved into one of the world’s top travel blogs. We are always open to collaboration, so if you want to do anything exciting with us, please contact us. Thank you very much!

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Aim towards

As you know, traveling can be compared to experiencing food. It is possible that the journey will not be interesting for everyone if one of the two is misplaced. Shahid is fully aware of this and he does not want this obstacle to arise during his trip. This is why European-Borderlands.org exists. I will discuss the most important aspects with you. When you read my travel diary, I am sure that you will feel fulfilled and fulfilled in your journey.

Thank you!

In addition to sharing our experiences with you, we also publish in-depth food and travel guides that we hope will be helpful to you when it’s time to plan your next trip. . If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment on any article or by emailing us. We are always happy to assist.

We appreciate your visit and hope you have a pleasant journey.