Privacy Policy

1.Purpose and identity does not collect personally identifiable information such as names, mailing addresses or email addresses on the Site. To receive information about, sign up for a mailing list or sign up for an online course, you must provide personally identifiable information and payment card information. offers world-class hospitality and culinary programs. Our transparency about your data, how we use it and with whom we share it is key to our goals.

This Privacy Policy governs our Services. This Privacy Policy provides users with options about the data we collect, use and disclose. As stated in this Privacy Policy, worldwide is the data controller of all Personally Identifiable Information (defined below) obtained by the Website and some third party data.

2. Covered Information

This privacy policy covers data collected by the website. Some products and services on our Site require Personally Identifiable Information, while others do not. To obtain information about, sign up for a mailing list or register for an online course, you may need to provide or we may collect “Personally Identifiable Information” (i.e. information that can be used to identify you). PII may contain your name and email address. You must verify the Personally Identifiable Information. Inaccurate information may affect your use of the Website, the information you receive and our ability to contact you. Since we mainly connect via email, please stay up to date.

3. Agreement to use our website

Please note that by submitting any Personally Identifiable Information to us, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use and applicable law. Do not provide us with any Personally Identifiable Information if you do not agree to these terms. We may not be able to provide you with the Services of the Website if you refuse or withdraw your permission or fail to provide us with the necessary Personally Identifiable Information. We may process your data for legitimate interests or to fulfill a contract even if you withdraw your consent.

4. We collect Site use data.

When you visit a website that utilizes cookies to monitor your preferences, your browser creates cookies. website cookies improve user experience. Our Cookie Policy explains how our website utilizes cookies. gathers IP addresses for system management and Site analysis. We record your session but do not correlate IP addresses to personally identifying information, so you stay anonymous to us. We may utilize your IP address with your Internet service provider to identify you to enforce our Terms of Use, protect our services, customers, or as required by law.

Your or third-party-provided personally identifiable information.
When you register for an account, update or change account information, purchase products or services, complete a survey, sign-up for email updates or Courses, participate in our Learning Management system, send us email messages, or participate in Online Courses or other services on our Site, we collect Personally Identifiable Information. We may use your Personally Identifiable Information to answer to your queries, supply you with the particular course and/or services you pick, provide you information about Courses or other events, and alert you about Site maintenance or upgrades.

5. Data we gather

To qualify and enroll at, we need your first name, last name, email, and phone number.
The online application form will request more sensitive details (e.g. medical issues) to guarantee students are fit to start studying at or to alter our teaching techniques.
Government data will only be used to verify Scholarship competition candidates’ compliance with our requirements.

6. Only online payments need banking data.

Signup If you create an account on our Site, we may ask for your name and email address.
Updates may email or publish updates on registered user-only sections of the Site. We may request your name and email address to subscribe to these services. may allow students to post on discussion forums. Forum posts are public. You should not upload any personally identifiable or sensitive information on these platforms. Our Online Code of Conduct and proper use of our system are in our Terms of Use.
Statistics Our and third-party tools allow you to manage your student or alumni profile. Your profile may include your education, work experience, abilities, etc. Profile information helps employers and business opportunities discover you. You can post sensitive information on your profile and make it public. Do not publish personal information on your profile.
When you submit a form, survey or resume, we collect your personal data. If you do not submit or upload personal data, our services and products may not be accessible.

7. Use the service

We record your visits. When you view or click on a document (for example, a learning video), search, or subscribe, we track usage statistics.
Courses You must provide us with specific details to enroll in a course. Your email and name may be included. Some students can join the Course.
We may collect student-generated material from courses, such as assignments graded by instructors, assignments graded by peers, and student comments graded by peers. Course data includes quizzes, tests, and surveys. Except for essential information, do not include Personally Identifiable Information or other sensitive information about assignments, tests, or surveys.

8. Validate Choose a course

At identity verification is allowed. We may require your name, address, date of birth, webcam and photo ID to sign up for these services. Income information may be needed if you seek financial assistance for these services. When you email or call us, we may collect your PII.
Third Party Websites When you connect to a third party website, we may receive Personal Information. Partner websites that provide Course-related tools and services to users may collect non-financial personal level user data in connection with that individual’s use use that partner website while participating in such Course-related activities and share that data with to improve, the partner website and the educational experience personal. This data includes partner site time and page views.

9. Third-party card processing accepts credit card payments for courses and other services through third-party payment processors. Our service partners handle payment card information, not
Integrity and Limitation We will use Personal Information for the reason you have provided it to us. We will reasonably ensure that Personal Information is accurate, complete, up-to-date and reliable for the purpose for which it is used.

10. Personal data processing platform (other than your consent)

Performance of a contract with you: We process your personal data in order to perform a contract with you or perform actions at your request before entering into a contract. We use your personal data to:

To make suggestions for our courses and services;
To provide courses and services; Handling complaints and suggestions;
For any other reason, you provide us with your data.
We may disclose or transfer your personal data to:

Agents, intermediaries and third parties we use to provide services to you
Professional staff when needed.
Preferences: We process your personal data for our legitimate purposes or for the legitimate interests of others. We use your personal data to: for advertising. See Marketing below.

11. Courses, service, sales and event management

To qualify for some of our programs.
To maintain accurate student and alumni records
To protect children and staff
Duties: To comply with the law, we process your personal data. We will use your personal data to:

Comply with the appropriate inspection agencies, border authorities, tax authorities, courts and law enforcement.
We will share your personal data with:

12. With background check partners

At the request of a regulatory or law enforcement agency.
Marketing. We will send you emails, advertisements for related services, and invitations to events and gatherings that we think you will enjoy.
We will notify you by mail, phone, email, SMS or other means.

13. All emails contain an unsubscribe link.

Contact us or go to your profile to unsubscribe.